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DL Sintered

50 years of history in sintered products

The production process


Mould design and construction

Design and manufacture of moulds for the production of sintered parts



Creating powder mixes suitable for making sintered parts



Pressing powder mixes with polymeric binders in a mould fitted with a matrix



Starting the sintering process in a low temperature furnace



Removal of edges to make the surface smooth and free of imperfections



Porosity reduction to provide physical and mechanical properties to sintered parts



Thermochemical treatment necessary to close the pores of the sintered product


Mechanical processing

Machining to insert inserts or remove other materials

The company

A pioneer in powder metallurgy thanks to the acquisition of the long-standing company Rubini, today DL Sintered is one of the leading manufacturers of self-lubricating bushings and simple and complex shaped mechanical parts in bronze, stainless steel and iron.

Products and Applications


DL Sintered Srl manufactures high-density and high-performance gears in a wide range of sizes, profiles and shapes

Self-lubricating bushings

DL Sintered Srl produces sintered bushings that do not require the addition of various greases and lubricants during use

Stainless steel filters

DL Sintered Srl produces sintered stainless steel filters resistant to tensile stress, corrosion and high temperatures


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DL Sintered Srl: precision machining

DL Sintered Srl produces sintered products: self-lubricating bushings and simple and complex shaped mechanical parts in bronze, stainless steel and iron.

The precision machining carried out by DL Sintered Srl always begins with the close working relationship between the company and its customers. In fact, all the products and mechanical parts manufactured by DL Sintered Srl are the result of an initial consultancy phase in which our specialised technicians meet with our customers to identify their needs, before moving on to the subsequent phase of mould design and construction.

In fact, to make the best use of the features of powder metallurgy, strict design principles must be followed. This is why DL Sintered Srl supports its customers right from the product definition and executive design phase, only then moving on to the production of the finished product.

The aim is to produce synthesised parts with the simplest and most robust structures possible in order to ensure maximum service life. All this makes DL Sintered Srl one of the leading sintering companies in the metallurgical sector, offering tailor-made products which designed around customers’ actual needs.


Sintered materials: production and quality control


Metal sintering technology involves some essential process phases to make the mechanical parts. In addition to the mould design and design phase – which we mentioned in the previous paragraph – the blending stage is of particular importance. At this stage it is necessary to identify the correct composition of the powder mix to make the sintered parts. Once the correct powder mix for the sintered part has been identified, the next step is pressing. In this stage, the metal powders are pressed with polymeric binders in a mould fitted with a matrix. Only at the end of this step does the actual sintering stage start, where the pressed pieces are conveyed into sintering furnaces at temperatures lower than the melting point of the metals used. This process makes it possible to obtain ready-to-use sintered parts.

All the products made by DL Sintered Srl are subjected to strict quality controls in compliance with ISO 9001 standards, in order to always guarantee maximum safety and the high performance of the products made.


Why choose DL Sintered Srl?


With a consultancy approach and unparalleled expertise in the Powder Metallurgy sector, DL Sintered Srl provides cutting-edge solutions that meet all of its customers’ requirements. In DL Sintered Srl you will find a highly specialised partner in research and development, who will accompany you in creating sintered parts able to satisfy the countless demands of the market.