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Mechanical processing

Highly specialised in metalworking

At the end of the sintering process, further operations are carried out to improve the physical-mechanical properties of the sintered parts, such as calibration and coining, by reducing their porosity and volume and providing greater dimensional tolerance.

Similarly, further precision machining is carried out at the end of the process in order to give the sintered material characteristics not yet present, such as resistance to wear caused by external agents.

The main machining operations that can be carried out on a mechanical part include:

  • carburising, carbonitriding and nitriding, the aim of which is to harden the sintered part;
  • impregnation, the purpose of which is to fill micro-cavities with resins or oil;
  • oxidation, which aims to improve corrosion resistance against weathering and wear;
  • infiltration, to fill the microcavities with a metal or alloy in a liquid state, in order to achieve an increase in density and mechanical properties.



Quality sintered products

Sintered products from metalworking are products with very high technical characteristics that guarantee high performance. The sintering process allows complex shapes to be achieved directly from the design of the mould, such as toothing or grooving, without the need for further machining. Furthermore, processes such as calibration make it possible to achieve high dimensional accuracy. The accuracy of geometric shapes can be improved by machining.

The stability and quality of the moulds designed and manufactured by DL Sintered Srl guarantee high reliability and repeatability in large scale production.

The advantages of sintered parts include the recyclability of the product and the reduction of energy consumption during production as the material does not need to be melted.



A pioneer in powder metallurgy, thanks to the acquisition of the historic Rubini, today DL Sintered Srl, considered to be one of the leading metal processing companies, is able to advise you on the powder mix and design best suited to your needs.