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DL Sintered Srl produces sintered gears.

Powder metallurgy makes it possible to produce mechanical parts of various shapes and sizes for various applications, including gears, self-lubricating bushings, filters, brake and clutch elements and magnetic parts.

DL Sintered Srl, thanks to its consultancy approach with the customer, is involved in the production of sintered products right from the design phase, which makes it possible to create complex mechanical parts such as gears with internal toothing, which can be developed in a co-design process with the customer to make a product that is tailored to their needs, right up the choice of the powder mix with which the part will be made. In fact, based on the powder mix chosen and the processing carried out in the subsequent stages, mechanical parts, such as sintered steel gears, will possess specific technical and physical properties to meet the customer’s actual requirements.

The wide range of sintered parts that DL Sintered Srl is able to produce includes gears of various shapes and sizes, made from different metals and powders and with different finishes. The advantages of sintered gears include recyclability of the product and the reduction in energy consumption during production as the material does not need to be melted.



Features of Sintered Gears

Smooth and polished surface finish

After a tumbling treatment, the sintered gears have a smooth, polished surface free from imperfections, which reduces the running-in time of the components.

Reduced noise and vibrations

The internal microporosity of the sintered gears reduces noise and limits the propagation of vibrations.

Magnetic properties

Thanks to the powder mix used, sintered gears can have soft or hard magnetic properties characterised by low coercive force and high electrical resistance.

High repeatability in large scale production

High-stability moulds make it possible to produce highly repeatable gears suitable for the production of large product runs.