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The Company

DL Sintered Srl was founded in 2017 with the acquisition of the corporate asset Rubini, a long-standing company which has manufactured sintered parts since 1982, based in Cortenuova in the province of Bergamo.

A change in the company’s senior management has brought a wave of innovation and new management processes to the organisation, while safeguarding the company’s expertise and know-how acquired over forty years of experience in the sector.

A pioneer in powder metallurgy thanks to the acquisition of the long-standing company Rubini, today DL Sintered Srl is one of the leading manufacturers of self-lubricating bushings and simple and complex shaped mechanical parts in steel, bronze and stainless steel.

The entire production process, including the administrative headquarters, takes place in Cortenuova over a 5 thousand square meter area.

Company Responsibility

Our employees are the beating heart of the company. Under the new management, we have kept the team who, through their hard work, have made the company great over the years as well as one of the industry leaders in the production of sintered parts. Because, for DL Sintered Srl, people who work with a spirit of teamwork are the most important resources.

Company Vision

People are the linchpin of our company. We coordinate our team with respect and dedication so that they can carry out their work with determination and perseverance. To ensure a quality product, it must be supervised at every stage of its production and to do so requires highly qualified professional and technical staff.

Company Values

Professionalism, reliability, high quality, innovation, tradition and customer focus: these are the main values on which our company policy is based. Values that translate into a company philosophy aimed at our customers' success. To do this, we make sure that everyone's skills and abilities contribute to achieving our customer’ goals.

The company’s high degree of specialisation in the field of design allows it to forge close working relationships with its customers. Beginning with research and ending with the development of the mould, DL Sintered Srl finds ideal solutions to its customers’ problems by harnessing the potential of sintering processes and offering solutions that meet their expectations.


Our team of enthusiastic individuals, dedicated to achieving our customers’ goals