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Mould design and construction

Alongside our customers right from the design stage

DL Sintered Srl, in collaboration with its customers, deals with the design andmanufacture of moulds for sintered products.

In fact, to make the best use of the features of Powder Metallurgy, strict design principles must be followed. Through a consultancy approach, DL Sintered Srl supports its customers right from the product definition and executive design phase, only then moving on to the production of the finished product.

The first phase of consultancy and discussion with customers is a fundamental part in the development of the production process precisely because it allows us to identify the customer’s actual needs and subsequently make a proposal that is precisely tailored to them.



Codesign: design of moulds for sintered products

At DL Sintered Srl we refer to it as co-designing the mould. Thanks to careful cooperation with the customer.

Through a series of technical meetings, DL Sintered Srl takes care of the design of sintered moulds in order to always offer a tailor-made product.

It is precisely at this stage that DL Sintered Srl uses all its technical know-how so as to offer a product of the highest quality. Based on the design of the mechanical part to be manufactured, DL Sintered Srl builds a steel mould, consisting of a matrix and punch. This is needed in later stages for the production of sintered products.

A manufacturing process that is carried out with extreme care precisely because it is the starting point for the products that will be produced for its customers.



Mould construction for sintered parts: quality and reliability

These initial stages of analysis, study and design of the mould are followed by the prototyping stage, which is essential for the construction of sintering moulds.

This is how DL Sintered Srl makes and constructs moulds for the production of different mechanical parts in a variety of metals such as aluminium, iron, stainless steel, brass, copper and titanium.

Once the mould has been made, it is mounted on a press, which is the machine required to press powders. It is at this stage that the mechanical parts begin to take shape.

If you would like to learn more about the different steps in the sintering process or the advantages of using sintered parts, continue browsing our website. At DL Sintered Srl you will find an experienced consultant, technical expertise and a listening ear. All essential elements for the production of high-quality sintered components for various fields of application.