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Iron sintering

Sintered Iron: main features

Sintered iron is one of the most widely used metal powders for the manufacture of mechanical parts. It is one of the oldest products in powder metallurgy and is the metal powder that results in the so-called green part after the sintering phase. Sintered iron is highly porous, which makes it particularly suitable for producing sliding bearings. In fact, the high porosity of the material, following an impregnation treatment, makes it possible to create self-lubricating mechanical parts. The sintering of the iron guarantees the presence of pores that act as a deposit and are able to absorb a large quantity of lubricant, which gives the mechanical parts optimal sliding properties.

Thus, sintered iron slides are characterised by excellent emergency sliding properties even without the need for additional lubrication.



Characteristic features of sintered iron include soft or hard magnetic properties characterised by low coercive force and high electrical resistance. A high resistance to wear, especially following heat treatment, giving high chemical resistance to external agents in both liquid and gaseous form, and a high stiffness that makes mechanical parts able to withstand different pressure conditions without deforming or degrading.

Starting right from the design phase, DL Sintered Srl, a company specialising in the processing of sintered products, is able to recommend the correct blend of metal powders to produced mechanical parts suited to the customer’s needs. Each project is tailored to the specific functionality required.