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Bronze sintering

Bronzo Sinterizzato: caratteristiche principali

Sintered bronze products are mechanical parts made of non-ferrous alloys, generally composed of a mixture of copper and tin powders in different percentages depending on the technical characteristics to be obtained.

Sintered bronze parts are highly porous, which is why it is a powder mixture used for the manufacture of self-lubricating mechanical parts. Bronze is also highly resistant to seawater and is therefore widely used for hydraulic and automotive parts. The process of sintering bronze is the same as for other metals and alloys. That is, once a suitable powder mix has been identified, it is placed in a mould where the powders are pressed and then extracted. The pressed parts are then fed into sintering furnaces at a temperature below the melting point of the metals used.



Mechanical parts made of bronze can be used in the presence of oxygen, cold and hot water and with diluted acids in the absence of air. Unlike other alloys, bronze has little resistance to corrosion. It is therefore preferable to avoid using sintered bronze in the presence of oxidising acids, ammonia, hydrogen sulphide and sulphur. They are also not suitable for use in the agri-food sector and instead are routinely used for the treatment of air, gases, oils and liquids.

The products made of sintered bronze by DL Sintered Srl are the result of a process of planning and co-design with the customer to create a tailor-made product, even with in complex shapes. The porosity of the sintered pieces as well as the physical-mechanical characteristics can be modified according to the different powder mixtures used. DL Sintered Srl, with over forty years of experience in powder metallurgy, is able to recommend the correct blend of metal powders suitable for the manufacture of different mechanical parts.