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Sintered products made from metal powders are now used in a wide range of sectors and applications, as they make it possible to create products that are more efficient, lighter and have a reduced environmental impact compared to parts made using traditional casting processes.

Designed to the specific needs of our customers, DL Sintered Srl’s sintered parts are tailor-made products.


To improve the technical characteristics of sintered parts DL Sintered Srl carries out surface treatments to improve the chemical, mechanical and thermal resistance of mechanical parts. In particular, hardening is a surface heat treatment of metals which aims to increase the metal’s hardness and resistance to abrasion. At DL Sintered Srl, we offer surface treatments that make sintered parts resistant to external corrosives in gaseous form such as nitrogen and other gas mixtures.

Surface treatments

Similarly, in addition to the hardening treatment DL Sintered Srl offers a wide range of metal surface treatments and finishes aimed at giving the sintered products characteristics not yet present at the end of the sintering process.

The objective of mechanical surface treatments of metals is to harden the sintered parts in order to ensure greater resistance to pressure, to improve resistance to corrosion from weathering and wear, and to fill microcavities with a metal or an alloy in a liquid state, so as to achieve an increase in density and mechanical properties.

Quality Control

The quality of the products designed and manufactured by DL Sintered Srl is certified to offer the best in every process. Safety, high quality standards, maximum performance, and long life are all characteristics guaranteed by the major industry certifications that the company has obtained. All DL Sintered Srl products are subject to strict quality controls in accordance with ISO 9001 – Quality Management System Certification, which attests to DL Sintered Srl’s focus on constantly improving performance, with extensive attention to customer needs and a process approach aimed at continuous improvement.