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Self-lubricating bushings


One of the particular characteristics of the sintered parts is the high porosity produced by the powder pressing process. In fact, the presence of micropores within sintered parts allows the manufacture of self-lubricating products such as bushings.

One of the special features of sintered products is that, once the sintering process has been completed, further heat treatments can be applied to give the sintered products certain special characteristics.

In the specific case of self-lubricating bushings, the sintered parts undergo an impregnation treatment in which the sintered bushing is immersed in a lubricating oil, which allows the microcavities and micropores present in the bushing to become impregnated with oil. This procedure is carried out using special equipment that extracts air from the pores, allowing the hot oil to settle in the cavities and form a thin lubricating film. This treatment means that sintered bushings do not require the addition of various greases and lubricants during processing.

DL Sintered Srl, as a company specialising in powder metallurgy with over forty years of know-how, produces self-lubricating bushings in bronze, steel, iron and iron-based composite materials.

Starting right from the design phase, DL Sintered Srl is able to advise and make changes to the typical cylindrical and spherical shapes of the bushings to adapt them to the needs of customers by developing ad hoc designs for the specific functions required.



Features of Sintered Self-lubricating Bushings


Thanks to the presence of oil, the self-lubricating bushings can be used for long periods of time without the risk of wear.

Low maintenance

The use of integrated lubricating oils minimises the need for maintenance after assembly.

Noise reduction

The presence of micropores enables extremely quiet functioning.

High repeatability in large scale production

High-stability moulds make it possible to produce highly repeatable gears suitable for the production of large product runs.