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Stainless steel sintering

Sintered steel: main features

The stainless steel sinters are highly resistant to corrosion, both at room temperature and at high temperatures. This is why they are generally used in all fields of application where mechanical parts are exposed to severe corrosion. Depending on the surface treatments carried out after the sintering process, it is possible to increase their hardness and mechanical strength, however at the expense of their corrosion resistance.

If the mechanical parts are made with refractory stainless steel powder, non-magnetic mechanical parts are obtained. On the other hand, if it is necessary to give the particular magnetic properties it is preferable to use an iron-based stainless steel metal powder.



These mechanical parts have a high resistance to oxidation at high temperatures and have good weldability. For mechanical parts made from powdered steel, it is possible to carry out thermal surface treatments such as hardening treatments to give greater hardness than simple sintered steel.

A pioneer in powder metallurgy thanks to the acquisition of the historic Rubini, today DL Sintered Srl specialises in the processing of sintered steel. Accompanying its customers right from the design phase, it is able to formulate the right powder mix and the correct choice of heat treatments to be used after the sintering process, thus giving the mechanical parts produced in the most varied of shapes, even complex, the right technical properties to meet customer needs.